Growing up in my job, it was every day more visible I was specialising as prop-maker, creating or finding  objects for the scene. In this page I show some pictures of my experience. I really liked working for kids programs, I had the opportunity to use my immagination making very funny things.


This was a tv show for kids realized with puppets. I was the prop maker and I had to create all the scene's objects using light materials like paper, cardboard and foam rubber.  The objects had to be easily joined to the puppets using some small pins.
huntingpic nic  

The puppets in a hunting scene using the object I've created for them, and the scene of the pic-nic.
hunting object foodbuilders    
Some weapons for hunting;  pizza, cake, pasta for a pic nic day; builder's objects.

the lullabypuppeteers  
The scene of the lullaby. Sometimes I helped as puppetter, when they were not enough  


Working at the Antoniano Studios for 4 years I built many objects. They were made for many different tv productions for kids, and they were invented by the authors : "La Banda dello Zecchino", "Lo zecchino d'oro" and the  "Festa della mamma". These pictures are just some examples of what I did during those 4 years using different materials as cardboard, plastic, paper, poliurethane, neoprene, foam rubber, fabric and so on. My choice was depending on the kind of object, on its aim and on its lasting on the scene.
mail boxplantfood

The Banda Mailbox, a quite scary plant, and some fake and giant food.
flowerselectrical objectsmedical objects
Flowers and  bee, Electronic fantastic things, medical things.
Our duty was not just building props, but also to create furniture for different moments of the show. These small plays inside the show were made on the blu screen, so we had to pay more attention in using the right colours and the right proportions to give a good result to the perspective.
enrico IV blu    enrico IV   throne

Henry the 4th.

pitagora  objects pitagora  triclininum

The Pitagora's studio.

france   france 2

The garden of the french King.

The props needed for the Eurovision shows was more serious, and usually it had a specific subject.  At Christmas time usually I had to decorate some Chritmas trees, to make the scene happier.
christmas treeCHRISTMAS TREE 2   PALETTE

The Christmas trees and the joung judges of the singer competition.

The fairy tale bed and Topo Gigio's props.


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