After the high school, I wanted to learn something about working in scenery, attending some useful courses , also to understand if I could like that job. I passed the selection to attend a course with other 9 people in Ferrara, where I lived for nine months . As usual in Italy, the value of these kind of courses depends on the teachers; this one was organized using european founds, and in close connection with the Comunale Theatre in Ferrara. Even if the organization was quite bad, I was able to learn many things, and with a lot of satisfaction.

drawings   sky   building

Some  moments about the creation of a backdrop: I painted the Teodorico's Mausoleo, a monument that in real life is in Ravenna, with other 2 people.

balcony    fireplace     door

The balcony, the fireplace and the door.

The best lab was about painting backdrops,  the teacher was a famous painter who worked on many movie' sets like "Il Barone di Munchausen" a '70s italian production.
From Professor Taglietti we learnt the old tecnique of backdorp painting, starting from the preparation of pigments, and realizing four canvas, someone 3 meters high, with different subjects , trying to reproduce many materials. We drew the scketches using watercolor and we chose four of them.
Then, we built everything we needed: long brushes, rulers to draw, the painting palette (a big platform on wheels) and we painted everything walking on the canvas.

The result was really good, to be the first time!




Two grifons on the castle tower
saint paul

saint paul

Saint Paul, the center of the arch


Lions on the castle tower

During the course we had to realize some projects for the Town Hall, to have a real training. We built some supports for an exposition, to use in external and internal enviroment. Nothing special, actually.

More difficult and satisfying  was copying some sculptures for an exposition.   We copied some bas - relief  on the Estense Castle 's towers. It was really a nightmare to take the measures using the pictures, but at the end...we did it!




The Opera season in Ferrara had on its schedule the Mozart's Don Giovanni, obviously directed by Claudio Abbado. The scenery was made by the group of carpenter who were also working at the Pesaro festival on summer, but we gave them a help painting some surfaces and objects. As reward, we had the permission to see the rehersal staying near the stage and I have to say I have learnt that I also love  the Opera.  
don giovanni news


      puppets   puppets

The small puppets made of papier machè
wolf      rabbit

The animal's production

The puppets stage was 7 meters long, it was built on 2 levels to permit the movments of all the characters.  We were a lot of people behind the scenes, everyone moving its own creatures, but luckily the voices were recorded....
scene back

The puppets stage was designed with moving backdrops, they were fixed on a rail  with pulleis and they permitted a easy and fast change of scene.
my creatures

My creatures: the owl and Tom Thumb's oldest brother
big puppets

The big puppets were kept on the scene by a wooden stick, they were made of papier machè as well, but they were quite weight, requiring a lot of energy to be moved.
night scene

The night  scene
rich house

The small backdrop of the rich house
the prize

The prize
the prizegiving

The  prizegiving night



This small theatre in Reggio Emilia city center, orgainsed some courses for theatrical technician, focused on light effects. I attended all the lessons and after that I had the occasion to work in the theatre as light tecnician for one year, having a good practical experience.
consolle   ponte   scala

Some moments of my work at the theatre.

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