The 24th of October 1974 the Bolognese's sleep was interrupted by the screams of a baby: I was born.
I was a good child: a well behaved, good student at school, Ia sportive girl, I could play the piano, and I was very quiet. For me copying some Disney carachters from a magazine was a good way to spend my time without bothering anybody.

At 7 my parents had the "wonderful" idea to move in the coutriside, were the cleaned air,a old minded teacher at school  and the absence of any comfort and chioices has complicated my life a lot. My persoal goal became going to live in the center of a city, surrounded by croud, traffic and pollution, but with every comfort a stone's throw away.

At 13 the wish of becoming a good cartonist took me to the High school of Art, where I learnt to draw, to paint, and I loved history of art thanks to a very good teacher I still meet sometimes. Unfortunately, the High school period was  the end of my cartoonist career, because a teacher told me  I didn't have the right skills to do that kind of art. That sharp, but honest suggestion was really important,so I didn't waist any time to pursue an impossible career.

Survived at the High School, and with good marks even if a peritonitis appendix  compromised my last exam, I studied at the University but I gave up quite quickly. I can't blame myself for that choice:  I was suffering of panic attacks and it was difficult for me even to take the bus. That was the worse experience of my life, but at the end, it changed my personality deeply. Workin hard on myself to get over it made me a lot stronger.

During that hard period I did every kind of job just to earn som money to go on holiday: waitress in a restaurant, secretary in a office,  t-shirts designer for private customers. I was discovering the World, and also that my father didn't like my love for it. He  would have preferred a more conservative daughter, with the intention to have many children and live close to her parents. I am certainly disapponiting his espectation.

stand cinese

Once, I had the occasion to help an Art Director to build a set for an exposition. I liked so much that experience that I decided that was my job. 

I passed the selection to be one of the 10 students to attend a course in the city of Ferrara to become a theatrical technician. I lived there for 9 months. I loved that city, with its sudden fogs...like a small  San Francisco!


One year later I completed my education attending a weekly course about how to manage light and sound in a small theatre in the city of Reggio Emilia. After that, I  worked in  that theatre for almost one year.

In 1998 I found a small workshop that was looking for some help. The Company was dismissed later on, but I continued to work with Laura Soprani, a very clever professional who tought me everything I know. Thanks to her, I went to the Antoniano Studios many times, to fix some parts of the scenery for some productions.

In 1999 I went to L.A. by myself for one month : I wanted to learn english, but above all, I wanted to test if I was really healed from my panic attacks. 

That same year at the Antoniano Studios the producer was looking for a new prop maker and he proposed me that job. Coul I say no?  It was the best period of my life: I worked a lot with a very funny group of people and finally I went to live in Bologna. 


In 2001 I started volunteering at the kennel in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, where I'm still spending some time. This is a very deep experience that often reminds me we can do little good thigs for our others.


The lack of work at the Antoniano Studios took me workibg for some tv series.  I was working a lot and I liked it, but that world was really insane.
cinema make up school       

In  2005 I went to L.A. to attend a one month course at the Cinema Make - up school to learn something about special effects. It was a wonderful experience during which I met Rebecca, a special friend I still  meet sometimes.

I was really happy, and my immagination was flying over the moon...

academy copertoacademy
but dreams sometimes are just dreams and if unluck watches you, you can loose everything you have achieved in many tiring years. I was very tired, and I asked myself if this job would worth my health. 


So, I spent a gap year in London, with the intention to learn English that I studied mainly by myself. I had a job as sales assistant at H&M High Street Kensington and in this way I could study the language achieving the CAE (Cambridge English Advanced ) qualification. London is a crazy city, where the rithm of life is very fast, butit's impossible to get bored: there is always an interesting exibition, some new movies, some new performance at the theatre. It has just two problems: living there is too costly and also, the weather is horrible. It rained every day, I have never seen so much water in a life!!!.


Back from London I had a big change: my brain was used to work a lot  speaking another language, and back home it was bothered by the "simple thing of the simple life". So, I decided to attend a course of Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the Academy of Fine Art to start a new career always related to art.
But could something go straight for me? If fortune id blind, unluck has a good sight and in the middle of my scheduled academic course the Ministery of Culture decided to change the rules about how to learn and to teach conservation. I had a choise to do: to give up with a bachelor degree, which won't give me the opportunity to work by myself in the future, or going into a new 5 years long course, comparing and erasing one third of my already taken exams to have a stronger qualification . Guess what I did...


So, now I'm a Conservator of Art, qualified to work in Italy. I discussed my thesis the 24th of November 2015 and now I am starting a new working life. Hopefully, this will be my right track and now I'm just looking for my good occasion.


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