The month after the Advanced Prosthetic course I went looking for some work to praticse the new tecniques that I had learnt during the lessons. I would like to understand also the differences between Italian's and American's way to work. I couldn't be just a tourist ! I was lucky and you can see what I did in the pictures below.


elena and james workingmask frontmask back    
The sculpture above was done for the Make-up Trade Show in Pasadena in June 2005 (IMATS). James Lacey, a very nice and clever make-up artist who was also my teacher for one day at school, asked me if I was interested in helping him to develope his project. Could I answer "no" ? I assisted him during many steps of the job, from the lifecast to the transformation of it with plasticine.


devildevil back      elena e devil

This was a special day for me, because I stayed on the set with Jeff Farley, a very clever make-up artist, specialized in special effects. I helped him to apply all the prosthetics on the actor's body, so we create this weird and funny devil.

carachter for a tv shcalled "Dante's Inferno".  


In May - June 2005 I went to Los Angeles to attend a course in "Advanced Prosthetic make-up" at the Cinema Make-up School. It was a great experience where I could learn how to use foam lattex and sylicone gel for appliances. The results of my job is shown in the following pictures.
AYA    aya old    aya old profile    neck  

The aging of my schoolmate Aya

teeeth            nose

Broken nose and teeth


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