The Cesarona's kitchen


The Russian landscape
Small mobile backdrop, 4x3 meters, painted with acrilic colours on a wooden panel. It was used to play a small part during the Banda dello Zecchino show, where the main actress was playing a frustrated, but ironical, housewife.
Small backdrop, 3x2,5 meters. It was used in a theatrical performance. It was made with acrilic colours on a wooden surface. It was placed behind a window frame and it looked like a landscape seen from a high floor apartment.


original frame

The 19th century frame
new frame

The new frame
elena e steve working at the frame

Stefano and I painting the frame
The Holy Crib dedicated to Father Lino, done for the SS.ma Annunziata Church in Parma, needed a frame. The original Holy Crib of the Emperess Maria Luigia Borbone preserved in the Monastery had an architectural painted frame : two columns, a small terrace, and an arch with angels and flowers. The original painting of the lower part was lost in a fire (except for the arch that is still the 19th Century one), so we had been asked to do a copy of them, watching the picture you can see on the left.


The fireplace before
fireplace after

The fireplace after
fireplace side

The fireplace side
My aunt Daniela didn't like the fireplace in her house anymore. It looked "too white" to her and she would like to make it a little special. In a week of work I've opened a window on a country landscape. It is not bad, is it?



The wall before

The wall after

The main point of view
detail center

Detail of the middle


When I was in London, in 2007, I was working as sales assistant at H&M High Street Kensington. At Christmas time I  painted a small greeting card for my bosses, and after that they asked me to think about a painting to do on the wall at the staff entrance. The topic would be the store, and the cosmopolitian and friendly athmosphere we could breathe in it. It took a month of work, but at the end, the acrilic painting had some effect. I don't know if it's still there, but I can see I have painted something inside one of the most famous Art DecÚ building in London. Incredible. Sometimes life is surprising.
door before

The door before
door after

The door after
An old family friend and neighbour asked me to do something nice on a iron made, old, ugly door, which was opening on the garage.  I  cut a wooden panel, I designed a landscape and I fixed it on the door. Now, instead than a security door, there is a balcony ! 

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