At the beginnig of my experience in the Enterteinment I worked for a small workshop, a Company that after a while didn't exist anymore, but I continued working with Laura Soprani. I have learnt a lot from her, staying on the set as well as behind it, making mock-up for advertisement, exposition and so on.
After some years the Antoniano Studios offered me a job and I had to take care of the scenery and to make the props for all the shows, based on the screenplay reading.
Rarely I had the occasion to invent and design some scenery myself.
During the summer I went to the riviera, where I helped the set builder decorating all the surfaces for some shows shown on RAI channel, all about music.


sea sea swimming  - pool
Made for an advertisement, this reproduction of the sea plants was built on a fiberglass structure. We used a lot of light materials ant to be sank it neede a lot of weight.

feet cast   plasticineroots
The actress' feet cast and the result made of lattex.

base inside

The big vase inside
base outside

The big vase closed

the scene...ready
This short movie for a competition was shot in Laura's workshop. We had to buid everything, the most difficult thing was the big "vase", that had to resist to the actress strong movements. In a momento of the shooting she had to show the rootswe glued at her feet. We had also to create a set that could seem a scientific lab: the actress must seem a kind of hybrid of a person and a plant.

sculpting rocks
painting rocks
finished rocks

The rocks finished and painted
Here you can see some other works done with Laura for the Antoniano Studios, to modify some part of the scenery of the BANDA DELLO ZECCHINO: from the rocks to some masks... sea
drawings the mask    sculpting the mask   the mask finished

The Maya sculpture

the hole at the beginning           sculpting a maya bas relief      finished

The Maya panel

female mask male mask male mask
lattex mask I did a lot of experiments with Laura, molding faces to build masks. Molding faces isn't easy at all, who wants a mask needs a lot of patience and it is necessary he/she is not claustrophobic !!!

lattex mask


While I was working at the Antoniano Studios it was asked me to design a small set for an advertisement, that had to be shown inside the show terraluna. I have watched the set colours, and this is what I invented.

bozzetto scena porta


The last year of this production the Diretors and the authors decided to change format. They wanted to produce an easy fiction - series for kids, to introduce cartoons with some funny stories of Annalisa and Ettore's lives. We helped as usual to realize parts of the scene, designed by the Art Directors Cappellini Licheri.

Ettore's room

Ettore's room: in this room I made the decoration of the door, some painting and some objects

The ties painting: on the Art Director's assistant project I've realized this funny painting for the room
the door
living room

The living room was full of small and big details

Ettore e Annalisa's portrait: made in  pop - art  style, this two paintings were done for the living room. At the end of the production we gave them to the actors, to remember the long period in wich we worked together


This show for children was shown on SAT 2000 and there were many different sets where many things were made by our workshop, always following the Art Directors' drawings.


The Arca was the main scene: we had to put inside all the machinery you see in the picture

This was the Art set, where actors were teaching some things to do with paper and glue.
We had to build the fake piano, to colour the city's shape and so on.

This was the science scene, where actors were trying some experiments.

Settled on a futuristic era, Terraluna wanted to be a fantastic world where kids would find crazy scientists, funny artists, (and we had a lot of fun trying experiments and bridolage) and some storytellers. As usual, was very important the presence of the little Choir . 

The "tana" vas the place where, on a big chair made of real newspapers'piles, a storyteller read some stories to the kids sat on the huge cushion we made. I found polystirene everywhere for ages after this job!!!! 

The space shuttle was done recycling a lot of pieces of old sceneries, even the Earth is a piece of the previous set, the tana.


Having a smaller budget every year, and good skills to use in the Studio, at the Antoniano the Admin gave us more job to do every year. So, we had to paint the center of the scene many times, paying attention to its aspect because it was always shown by all the cameras around the studio. The title of this chapter is our comment after a couple of days during which we were working on our knees.

fiore natale natale 2


One year  RAI TV  didn't produce the show,so it was asked me to realize a small set for the Antoniano theatre. This is my creation that liked very much to kids parents, tired to see scenery without any personality.

fiore fiore e coro
I had the idea to put the Choir inside a huge flower, among  a giant nature. We used fabric of every kind and colours to realize it, to keep everything light ant transparent. Some details, as the drops of rain made with glitter and a big butterfly, gave some light to what is still the most important thing for the Antoniano:  kids.


At the end of the year the parents of the choir's kids were playing  a comedy written by a colleague, so we had to realize all the scenery with the smallest budget as possible. It was a nice experience.

castello bosco nani
Snow White is an evergreen: the scene was built around a roundable platform in the center, and some elements completed the scenes.

scena scimmie serpente
Tarzan was all played inside the jungle, so the scenery was fix. We had to build some objects to make the scenes richer according to the screenplay.


For a couple of years I went to work on the Romagna's Riviera, where I decorated all the parts of the sets built by the Company APAS Scenografie. It was very hard working under the sun, but it was a great experience during which I met a lot of VIP.


The Castrocaro festival was a singer show that still exists . It was quite important, and on this set I didn't do so much because it was my first experience, but I met the people who I worked with later on.

Un disco per l'estate: this tv shown on canale 5 was a singer opportunity to propose their song for the summer period. The VIP stayed behind the big set were there was a kind of "bar" area, with table  and they could spend their time there.
portami al mare

Portami al mare, fammi sognare: it was made after the previous one, but just for one year: I have painted everything with my small hands...


discoteca ruvido
Decoration for a discoteque: the topic was" playing cards". I've done everything by myself. This small set was done in a restaurant in Bologna. It was designed by an Art Director who I met at the Antoniano. She asked me a little help to build this set. The show were performances of comic actors, which were showed on local channels.

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