One of my favourite hobbies was painting t-shirts, first for myself just copying cartoons characters, then making them personal, with some messages. My friends liked a lot my works and sometimes they asked me to have one, sometimes I did a t-shirt as gift. I always started from a white t-shirt, dying it in many ways, with some effects. Then I painted the characters. It took so much time to do one of them, but the result was really good. But at the end, the t-shirts seemed to be cursed: every person got one of them, just went out of my life, often with bad discussion...so I quit to make them.

BUGS BUNNY This t-shirt was mine and the subject I painted on it was the spring, the season of new loves. I dyed it with a light purple and after with blue, leaving some space colored as before. On the back there was Duffy Duck running away scared about the effects of the spring, because he is afraid to fall in love. Bugs Bunny, instead, in the front of the t-shirt is watching a sky where the stars are creating constellations in a heart shape. As usually, Duffy is having fun of the friend's dumb expression.

front             back
The annoying Duffy Duck.

Made for a friend if mine who was always upset, a very polemical and hypercritical person. The Academy Award on the back was dedicated "to the biggest boring person on  Heart". Of course, it was a joke.

josemite sam frontjosemite sam back
I dyed it two times: a part is yellow with some darker spots, another part is white and light blue. On this part, there are also a lot of numbers made with a stamp created by myself. After that, I have painted with colors for fabrics a lot of calculations such as Josemite is studying a plan. This t-shirt was for the assistant on set at the Antoniano Studios. His job was mainly to resolve the economic and moral problems that often went out during a long production time. He was always stressed by the personal stories of everyone. On this t-shirt, Josemite says a very clear message: “ I’ve planned a way to keep far who is annoying me…but the old methods are always the best !” These methods are visible in the smoking gun, in the bullets that Josemite has shot creating some false hole on the t-shirt.

muthlee front  muthlee back
Dyed with a dark green, leaving some darker spot, I painted Muthlee who is saying: "I’m not a bastard…I’ve the pedigree”. Bastard, in Italian, it’s a way to talk somebody who have fun to treat badly the other people. But is also the word that means “a dog without pedigree, or a mixed breed, a mongrel". It was a double sense for a guy very bad with his collegues.

black sheep 1black sheep dietro
On a blue background I painted a page of my school's diary dedicated to this character.
wile e coyote  wile e coyote back
Dyed in red and blue, the Bologna soccer team colours, with some “special effects”. The guy who the t-shirt was dedicated, was a big supporter of the team, and the Antoniano Editor. On the t-shirt I have painted a comic strip where Wile E. Coyote is editing a movie, choosing the frame from a film. Road Runner surprise him screaming in a megaphone . The coyote's jump make the film to tie up him until he couldn't move itself.

pk front  pk back

Dedicated to Paperinik I've created a kind of electricity contacts between three different parts where I've painted the comic's hero's friends and enemies. Paperinik is an Italian carachter. It's a super-hero, a Donald Duck succesfull second life. Sometimes its stories were on the weekly magazine with other Disney's carachters, but then a special magazine was published dedicated to its stories. I have a lot of its comics because I liked it very much.

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