In 2003 I had an idea for a tv program for children. I tried to propose it somewhere, but I had no luck. I made some puppets, the main characters, but now they're living in a wardrobe at my parent's house. What a pity!!!

mago Blum
Blum, the wizard: he is a very old wizard with a big dream to realize. He is very touchy, gruphy, air minded and stubborn. With this bad personality a lot of strange things will happen in his home !
Arcibald, the dog: if you talk about children, you can't forget the dog. As Shaggy's best friend he has the special attitude of talking to him.
Nick-knack: he is a small frauder hidden into the dresses of a Magic shop owner. He is a bad carachter, but he is not the only one who could create problems to Shaggy. Thanks to him, instead, the wizard's potions will be out of any control !
Lileaf (little leaf), the wood's fairy: as in all the fairy tales also here there is a fairy. But she has a strong personality and she can be sweet or bad as the nature is, depending on the situations. She has also a lot of modern women's personality.
Shaggy, the child: he is the main character, and as a real child, he is quite egocentric. So, all the stories are built around what he learns and what he dreams. But in this fairy tales some very weird adults try to teach him how to live in this world...with some very funny results !

Mirror: too much arrogant and vain, he has a very bad personality and thanks to him all the others often fight to each other. He has some magical powers, and he thinks always to be the best one. Poor, Mirror ! He will discover that the other characters have fun of him !.

The magic book: in this idea, the objects can talk, especially if they belong to the wizard. The book of spells will be the oldest of all the the books in the wizard library, and he knows all about many topics. He is not boring and he knows a lot of ways to be funny  relating to the children audience.


Sphere: she is another female charachter and she will be like a mom for Shaggy. She is very patient and behaved, and also she has some magic powers.

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